It’s safe to say that the dark blue half of the city has waited a good wee while for Dundee to achieve both a derby win and a top 6 finish. In fact it had been 3805 days since our last Derby win and 12 Years since we last claimed a top 6 spot. Granted we spent 8 seasons in the 1st Division/Championship for most of it but it was still a good few moments to savour.

The derby win was a long overdue victory over our rivals from ‘doon’ the road. They were in the midst of a horrendous 9 game run without a win while we had only lost 2 games in 12.

Still, I couldn’t go into this game feeling confident whatsoever.

The run up to this game on social media was like a minefield with both set of fans being careful what they said and trying their hardest not to sound overly confident.

Even on the UWTB Facebook and Twitter page, I tried to watch what I posted in case we never got the victory we very much wanted because if we lost I would have had to deal with a tsunami of gloating Arabs who regularly search for Dundee pages.

Come match day, the derby nerves had well and truly set in. By the time I had got to the pub they were all but shot but then I witnessed something that seemed to settle them a bit.

Walking around the pub I noticed a good few familiar faces that frequent Tannadice but this time these familiar faces (and many others who were easily identifiable by their outrageous choice of colour for their garments) had a distinctive look about them.

That look was of fear.

You see for a good while they United fans have revelled in that we haven’t won a derby in years. While correct, they forget to leave out the fact that we have spent 8 Years in a different division. Now they feared that the time was about to come that after all their boasting and rubbing it our faces, we would walk out the victors.

The self-proclaimed ‘Treble Winners’ weren’t to be proved wrong.

First up Greg Stewart got the ball rolling with a shot so precise that it went straight through Rado’s legs. Ok so maybe his shot wasn’t that well struck but the blunder from the keeper was spectacular and bloody hilarious.

Even Paul Jarvie would have squirmed as he watched a helpless Rado try to dive for the ball a full 3 hours after it had hit the net.

In the second half despite having a good bit of the possession, United couldn’t really make it materialise into anything. In my opinion we could have played into the next day and they still wouldn’t of troubled Bain.

When Dundee got fed up of letting United kick the ball about, Stewart decided enough was enough and took the ball down the wing before placing an inch perfect pass to Heffernan’s feet to give him his first goal in a Dundee shirt.

This was the moment all the fans, players and management knew that they had final gave United a ‘puss shutter’. Euphoria erupted all over Dens except in the Shankly stand where scarves were thrown onto the track side and the away support decided to sing in unison with the Dees to tell Jackie he was to be ‘Sacked in the morning’.

If Lorraine Kelly has a cat, I’m going to bet that it was getting kicked all around her house at this point.

So the final whistle went and the 3 points stayed at Dens Park. We all headed to the pub and the Arabs to their beds. Jackie Mac and his team of bandits flew back to St Andrews in a newly acquired private jet which I heard they paid for in cash.

Next up for us was a visit to St Johnstone where a win would guarantee our place in the top 6. Failing that we would need our recently conquered neighbours to do us a favour and do the unthinkable and win a game against Hamilton and then Kilmarnock to drop points against Aberdeen.

Luckily enough for us they managed to do so. Miracles do happen right enough.

So that’s us in the top 6 and our derby hoodoo is finally broken. This along with the news this season that Scott Bain, James McPake, Greg Stewart and more importantly Paul Hartley have all signed extensions on their contracts. This is a not too shabby backbone to have that will hopefully propel us onto some success for the future.

Can this Dundee team bring some silverware to the club in the next few years? Who knows but one thing is for sure, the club are going in the right which is something I haven’t had the pleasure to say very often. After years of watching The Dees playing in the wilderness, this could be the best time in a while to be watching ‘The brave boys who wear the Dark Blue’.


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