I was asked a question last night about Greg Stewart and if any other player has scored in 4 consecutive Dundee Derby League games. Well I’ve had a wee look and that answer is no.

At first I had Tommy Coyne down as the last person to do so when he scored in 4 consecutive derbies but 2 of those included a League Cup Tie and a Scottish Cup tie. Paul Sturrock has done so in 5 consecutive derbies but again 2 of them came in a Scottish cup and League Cup tie which puts him on 3 league games scored in a row.

I’ve had a look through the history books and tried to come up with an accurate as possible list of players who have scored in the most successive Derby matches in competitive games only.

For Dundee we have the following players to score 3 in a row, Greg Stewart, Steve Lovell, Nacho Novo, Jocky Scott, Ross Turnbull and Andy Campbell.

Billy Dodds, Tommy Coyne and George Merchant have reached this landmark also but unfortunately at least one of their goals has game in a cup competition.

Moving on to our neighbours, Paul Sturrock, Kenny Cameron and Ian Mitchell are in the elite band of players. Jim Irvine has 3 but again like a few other players, 2 of his goals came in a cup tie. As mentioned above, Sturrock is only on 3 as 2 of the games he scored in were also in a cup tie.

So after a fantastic season for Dundee where he has been top goal scorer and receiving a PFA Player of the Year nomination, Greg Stewart has the opportunity to write himself into the history books if he can knock in a goal on the 24th May against United and make it 4 Dundee Derby league games scored in a row.

Dundee can also make history before the end of the season if they can get 4 points from their last 3 games. Tom Duthie wrote for the ‘Tully’ that if we can get 4 points then we would have reached our highest points tally since the introduction of the SPL/SPFL split when Bonetti lead us to 6th place with 47 points. While this is true, to get more than 47 points would also give us our highest points tally in the Premier since the introduction of 3 points for a win back in 1994.

In fact if we can get 48 points, we will have equalled our best points tally in the top flight since 1986/87 and if we can get 48+ then we would of accumulated the most points in the top flight since we won the league back in 1961/62.


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